What Are You Really Getting From Your Security Company?

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What Are You Really Getting From Your Security Company?

Many people believe security companies just turn up and look strong. More of a deterrent than something useful. They couldn’t be more wrong!

One of the first things we explain to any new client is the amount of research that we do. Let’s say you want us to keep your office secure. You may have 200 staff and a few machines that must be switched off at night. Our first mission is to discover exactly what your needs are. Maybe the 200 staff are working in shifts and you only have 80 on site at any one time. Maybe the staff have different challenges at night? Either way, it’s our job to discover what’s needed to provide the best security.

Looking after the main task at hand isn’t where Dynamic Security draw the line. We train our staff to look after you and your guests from more than just a personal safety angle. The guards on site will be trained to look for thieving amongst staff and from the public (it’s rare but it does happen). We then ensure the owners of the business are protected too. How do we do this? We ensure the site closes for the day in the correct manner.

Our guards will be trained to help you and your business. They can be offered to help with all of the following items

  • Cleaning
  • Collecting Black Bags
  • Confidential Waste Collection
  • Ensuring that Machinery is Correctly Switched Off or On As Required
  • Meter Readings
  • Car Park Management
  • Ensuring vehicles are ready to use (checking fluid levels, fuel and other aspects that can increase the effectiveness and productivity of your company)

So you see from this list, Dynamic Security can do a lot more for your business than just keeping it secure. We are your eyes and ears for everything that happens reporting directly to the director or appointed person.

Could you benefit from Dynamic Security around you? If you feel you could, please feel free to Contact Us and discuss your needs.

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