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Are you in the market for a UK private security company, with national expertise and reputation? Welcome to Dynamic Security Services.

With services including Alarm / CCTV activation response, Mobile Patrols, Caretaking and Key Holding, Dynamic are your go-to security agency for peace of mind.

We’re proud of our reputation as a popular and trusted security firm across the West Midlands and further afield, serving clients of all sizes and sectors, including -

Hospitality Outlets

Hospitality Outlets





Private Individuals and Groups

Private Individuals and Groups

Schools, Colleges and Academies

Schools, Colleges and Academies



Part of being a top-quality UK private security company is understanding your specific needs. This enables us to create bespoke security solutions that address your business or personal needs head-on.

We purpose-design security solutions that are as unique as your people, premises and possessions, to –


Futureproof your assets against burglary, criminal damage, theft and vandalism with immediate effect


Protect your assets by identifying and mitigating existing risks

What Services Do You Need from a UK Private Security Company?

Dynamic Security Services is a full-service UK private security company. As you’d expect, we offer a diverse portfolio of security services to meet the needs of a private individual or a multi-site company.

Different needs call for different solutions, which might involve with one or more of our services -

Imagine having somebody else to race to work – especially in the middle of the night - to see what’s going on every time your alarms go off.

That’s exactly what we do for you, no matter what the time is, 365 days of the year, saving you time, hassle… and also potentially your life.

You could be dealing with low grade vandals who are easily scared off. Or you could be dealing with an armed gang. It’s our responsibility to shield you from such massive risk.

We co-operate fully with your alarm company and the Police, whether it’s a false alarm or a crime scene.

In addition, it’s a cost-conscious alternative to having a security guard patrolling your premises.

Mobile patrol vehicles are known to deter criminals. Our mobile patrol vehicles can

  • be permanently stationed at your premises
  • visit your premises intermittently, at fixed or irregular time slots
  • be enlisted for a single premises or multiple nearby premises

Besides serving businesses, we’re also a UK private security company that local West Midlands residents turn to. You’re in safe hands if you need an imposing deterrent at your home or in the wider community.

Depending on the nature of your business, a static security guard - or more than one – might be the best security solution to meet your needs.

After an in-depth inspection of your site, we provide you with our expert recommendations about the number of guards you ideally need, where, and during what hours.

An Industry Licensed UK Private Security Company You Can Trust

When you’re looking for a UK Private Security Company you can trust implicitly for expertise and professionalism, Dynamic Security Services is a perfect match.

Our head office is in Walsall, but we serve business and private clients across Birmingham and the whole of the West Midlands.

All our team members are screened and vetted to security industry British standards, including –

  • BS 7858:2019 Security Screening of Individuals employed in a security Environment - Code of practise
  • BS 7984:2020 Key Holding and Alarm Response Services (PART 3)
  • BS 7499:2020 – Static Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol Service – Code of practise
  • BS 10800:2020 – Provision of security services- code of practise

Dynamic Security Services currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme(ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding.

Whether you’re new to security, or your existing security services aren’t meeting your expectations, we look forward to chatting with you

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Dynamic Security can also carry out a full assessment of all your security needs and provide honest advice and guidance on how to keep your people and property safe.

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