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Mobile Patrols

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We use 100% electric vehicles on all call-outs.
Do you want the reassurance of having a skilled security team’s protection, without the hourly cost of a full-time guard?

Our mobile security patrols offer the ideal solution.

Some locations will require constant 24-hour security, whilst others may require random security patrols day or night.

At Dynamic Security, we provide an excellent mobile guarding patrolling service to your property, at random or pre-arranged times, to act as a visible deterrent to any potential intruders.

Mobile patrols are site-specific; you can take advantage to guard a standalone property or we can also provide a local security presence to cover a number of properties in a particular street.

We work closely with the local police ensuring all incidents are dealt with promptly and efficiently.



Sports and Leisure

Sport &Leisure



Industrial Parks

Industrial Parks



Construction Sites

Construction Sites





Attendance within the hour is
guaranteed within a 25-mile
radius of walsall

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UK statistics for 2018-2019


Commercial property burglaries




Aggravated burglaries with a weapon

24/7 Timely Response

Regular Patrol when your site is vacant to protect against damage, tresspass and theft

Uniformed Officers

A highly visual deterrent with a marked security car and uniformed guard

Hi-vis Vehicle

Do-handlers deployed to high-risk sites as an additional deterrent

Sole Attendance

Mulitple site security for the cost of a single full-time guard

Appropriate Action

Appropriate action taken on discovery of suspicious activiy

Full incident Reporting

Keyholding service and alarm response officers

Assessing the risk

We provide a full assessment to identify threats to the security of your property and offer affordable solutions to effectively manage them.

Short term security solutions

For untenanted properties, industrial shut-downs, project sites and more.

Long term security solutions

For ongoing overnight protection, weekend security and periodic daytime patrols.

Open and lock-up services

To ensure your premises are safe for entry and shut-down and secure on exit.

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