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Our leading-edge CCTV activations service across the West Midlands guarantees fast and expert attendance, within the hour, at businesses and construction sites in a 25-mile radius of Walsall.

Here at Dynamic Security Services, we work in close partnership with remote surveillance companies. You’re the first line of defence should movement be detected at a premises or site on your watch. When you raise the warning, we do the rest, dispatching a patrol vehicle immediately to attend the scene.

How On Site Surveillance and Response for West Midlands Businesses Matches Different Needs

Our on-site surveillance and response for West Midlands businesses is most typically in demand for construction site security monitoring.

We’re the go-to provider of building site security solutions to remote surveillance companies that oversee a vast and diverse range of clients. Like us, you understand that every on-site surveillance and response client has their own individual needs. But they also tend to share common criteria, such as mobile patrols or manned security guarding.

We have the experience, flexibility and versatility to offer customised services to match the specific needs of your clients and their individual circumstances.

In addition, please be aware that we also conduct void property inspection and construction site security monitoring for premises and locations that are temporarily derelict, pre-construction or currently unoccupied.





In short, we’re open to working with remote surveillance companies in a variety of different situations.

How Does a CCTV Activations Service in the West Midlands Help Your Clients Level Up Their Site Security?

Many businesses don’t want to spend money on mobile or security guards. So, a failproof CCTV activations service empowers West Midlands businesses with affordable and compelling solutions. They entrust you to watch over their sites. You alert them if their on-site or perimeter business CCTV camera systems are activated. Rapid and decisive action is needed. But, there’s one small catch…

They haven’t thought seriously about walking in to a highly dangerous, even life-threatening situation, with opportunistic or organised intruders.

With one of the most trusted construction site security companies in the West Midlands by your side, your clients are guaranteed –

Expedited attendance times

Experienced professionals who are fully trained to respond to false alarms and real-time criminal activities

Comprehensive liaison with you for re-setting their systems after genuine incidents or false alarms

Befitting co-operation with the Police

Why Choose Officially Licensed CCTV Activation Services for West Midlands Site Security?

Our trusted CCTV activation services cover West Midlands sites across –

In addition to our broad geographical coverage, we’re also one of the region’s most well thought of construction site security companies.

We conform to the British Security Standards, including –

  • BS 7858:2019 Security Screening of Individuals employed in a security Environment – Code of practise
  • BS 7984:2020 Key Holding and Alarm Response Services (PART 3)
  • BS 7499:2020 – Static Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol Service – Code of practise
  • BS 10800:2020 – Provision of security services- code of practise
  • BS 7960 – Door Supervision – Code of practise

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