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Why Use Dynamic Security?

Thanks to a wealth of experience working at the highest level in security services, our team can bring you peace of mind. We offer a number of services to keep our customers safe and are passionate about standards within our industry.

Our core values are integrity, professionalism and trust. Our director and founder Owtar Sangha has worked in the security industry for more than 30 years and has guarded some of the world’s most prominent figures.

Who Our Director Has Guarded

Our director Owtar Sangha has been involved in guarding people and property for a very long time. Here is a brief insight of the people he's protected in the past.

  • Queen Elizabeth II

    One of the most respected and internationally recognised leaders in the world. Owtar Sangha our director was entrusted with the security of The Queen

  • Bill Clinton

    The former president of the United States. At one point, Mr Clinton would of been one of the most powerful men in the free world.

  • International Leaders at the G8 Summit

    A gathering of the worlds most powerful leaders in 1998, the G8 Summit also trusted the well being of their visitors to Owtar Sangha.

Our Services

Here is a small selection of our key services on offer here at Dynamic Security. Click on the view all services to see more, however, if there is a service that we don’t list please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We may just have a solution for you.

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